CMSS Webinar Series: COVID-19 and Clinical Registries

Access the webinar series recordings and upcoming schedule here:

“About the Webinar Series:

With funding from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and in collaboration with the Association of Academic Medical Colleges, CMSS will support a new webinar series to address key questions related to the rapid development, deployment and implementation of Covid-19 focused clinical registries and clinical repositories by specialty societies and academia.

Read more about the goals of the CMSS webinar series.

The series was launched at the CMSS Virtual Spring Meeting – Covid-19 and Clinical Registries Session on May 1, and this session recording is available below. The webinar series is free to attend but registration is required. Recordings will be available to registrants and posted to our website for on-demand viewing.

Upcoming Webinars:

Webinar topics include:

  • COVID-19: Accelerating Real-Time Electronic Data Capture for Tracking, Learning and Improvement
  • Reflecting on Our Covid-19 Failures – A New Vision for Integrated Registries
  • Deploying Cloud-based Platforms and Analytic Tools to Support Covid-19 and Beyond
  • Prioritizing Patient Engagement and Inclusion of Patient-Generated Covid-19 Data
  • Using Clinical Registries to Address Disparities in Covid-19

We are currently working with moderators to finalize dates for these 1-2 hour webinars. The next event in the series will take place on July 8, and the series will extend through the summer.”

Access the webinar series recordings and upcoming schedule here:

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