New Publication: “NANDA‐I, NOC, and NIC Linkages to SARS‐Cov‐2 (Covid‐19): Part 1. Community Response”

Moorhead, S., Maciera, T. G. R., Dunn Lopez, K., Mantovani, V. M., Swanson, E., Wagner, C., & Abe, N. (Under Review). NANDA-I, NOC and NIC linkages to SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19): Part 1. Community Response. International Journal of Nursing Knowledge (Published online ahead of print).



We developed linkages using interoperable standardized nursing terminologies, NANDA International (NANDAI) nursing diagnoses, Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC), and Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC), to present initial guidance for the development of care plans focused on COVID19 for nurses practicing in community or public health roles.


Seven nurse experts identified the linkages of NANDAI, NOC and NIC for our work related to the COVID19 pandemic. A model was developed to guide the project. The first step in creating linkages focused on the identification of nursing diagnoses. Then, for each nursing diagnosis, outcomes aligned with all components of the diagnosis were categorized and a list of nursing interventions was selected. The experts used their clinical judgment to make final decisions on the linkages selected in this study .


Two community level nursing diagnoses were identified as key problems appropriate for a pandemic related to COVID19: Deficient Community Health and Ineffective Community Coping. For the nursing diagnosis Deficient Community Health, eight nursing outcomes and 12 nursing interventions were selected. In comparison for the nursing diagnosis, Ineffective Community Coping, nine nursing outcomes and 18 nursing interventions were identified. A total of40 concepts were identified for future development across the three classifications .


The nursing diagnoses, outcomes and interventions selected during this linkage process provide knowledge to support the community challenged with responding to the COVID19 pandemic, provide the opportunity to quantify the impact of nursing care, and enhance nursing practice by promoting the use of three standardized terminologies .


NANDAI, NOC and NIC linkages identified in this manuscript provide resources to support clinical decisions and care plan development for nurses practicing in the community .

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