NYC: COVID-19 Approaches to Consider from Victoria Tiase, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Director of Research Science

Thanks to Vicky Tiase for sending out a list of recommendations at a very busy time:

  • Develop COVID initial assessment templates and tailor alerts quickly
  • Consider scribes for ED triage/high volume areas
  • Permit nurses to place electronic orders for lab tests (dependent on state policies)
  • Perform remote/video triage to preserve PPE
  • Use of data for Bed tracking/vent tracking/nurse tracking
  • Ability to capture/confirm a remote consent
  • Coordinating patient/family visits via video to address social isolation for patients
  • Answer patient questions using Telehealth
  • Community/public health nursing workforce to distribute/deploy remote monitoring devices to the homes of at risk populations (ability to identify at risk pts)
  • Future thoughts: enable use of robots for eldercare or patients that are quarantined 

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