Rapid Response: Sharing Informatics Knowledge & Processes

by Cheryl D. Parker, PhD, RN-BC, CNE – 2020 ANIA President: On Tuesday, 3/31/20 at 4:42 PM (CT), Dr. Patty Sengstack, my friend and colleague, reached out to me in my role as the 2020 President of the American Nursing Informatics Association. She asked for help in getting information about what they are doing at Vanderbilt about COVID-19. She said she had fielded eight individual calls for information in the last four days. Could ANIA help get the word out? My answer was absolutely, and we made arrangements to do a video interview on Friday. On Wednesday, 4/1/20, I get a call from another friend and colleague, Dr. Susan McBride, telling me she and others from the American Academy of Nursing’s Expert Panel on Informatics & Technology have heard about the interview I am going to do with Patty.¬† She asked if ANIA could work together with her team as they had created this site to disseminate information about what facilities are doing about the COVID-19 crisis from an informatics and technology viewpoint.

Well, of course, ANIA’s Board of Directors were all-in on a collaborative effort. On 4/2/20, I was honored to join Susan McBride, Rosemary Kennedy, Judy Murphy, Jane Carrington, Liz Johnson, and Mollie Cummins to discuss how we could pool our efforts and how ANIA could support the work.

By Saturday 4/4/20, I had recorded our first ANIA’s “Nursing Informatics Experts Interview” with Patty Sengstack and Karen Hughart, the video was processed, scheduled five more interviews for next week, and we launched this sharing-of-knowledge initiative.  My head is spinning, but I am so proud of the fast work of combining the two visions into a single reality in 4 days!

ANIA Resources: https://www.ania.org/article/coronavirus

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